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7 passenger van
from $59/day
7 Places | 2 Bags
PAYLESS Liberia D. Oduber Quiros Intl. Airport
Car rental Liberia D. Oduber Quiros Intl. Airport Mitsubishi Zinger
from $121/day
12 Places | 2 Bags
ENTERPRISE San Jose Paseo Colon
Car rental San Jose Paseo Colon Hyundai H1
9 passenger van
from $220/day
9 Places | 4 Bags
MEX Liberia D. Oduber Quiros Intl. Airport
Car rental Liberia D. Oduber Quiros Intl. Airport Hyundai H1

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Hyundai H1 rental Costa Rica

or similar Minivan
Car rental Costa Rica Hyundai H1
12 Places | 2 Bags
  • Air Conditioning
  • from $243/day
    Fuel policy:Full to Full
    Pick-up type:Free shuttle bus
    Mileage:Unlimited mileage
    Theft waiver (TW)Third party liability protection (TP)Collision damage waiver (CDW)Airport fee

    Going on a trip to Costa Rica, tourists often have the question of how to organize a transfer from one part of the country to another, how to see the maximum of sights, but not overpay for excursions? Public transport is not very convenient, especially for a large group. In addition, there may not be the required number of tickets on sale. Taxis between cities are also quite expensive. If you want to get the most out of your trip, van rental Costa Rica will help you. It will provide you freedom and comfort on any trip.

    Why choose van rental Costa Rica?

    Despite the fact that we can use dozens of modes of transport in the modern world, people still have not come up with anything better than a car. It opens up amazing opportunities for travelers and allows you to visit places difficult to be reached by public transport. Van rental in Costa Rica gives you the following benefits.

    All these advantages make traveling by car quite convenient and profitable. A rented car will make your trip much brighter and more intense.

    Why travel with your own vehicle if you can rent a van in Costa Rica?

    Some tourists prefer traveling to Costa Rica with their own vehicles. But is it always convenient? A car may not be ready for a long journey, which can include thousands of kilometers. In addition, the mileage increases, the components and assemblies tear out, which means that a malfunction can occur at any time and take away a lot of valuable time from your trip.

    Van rental Costa Rica will help you avoid all of these troubles. You save a huge amount of time when arriving in the country by plane, and renting a car. Besides, in this case, you almost completely insure yourself against breakdowns. Cars for rent have relatively small mileage. Companies monitor their technical condition, therefore, the likelihood of malfunctions on the way is much less.

    Even if you plan to visit several cities in the country, you can rent a car in one place and then leave it in another city. Therefore, by renting a minivan you get the necessary freedom, without overpayments.

    Are you planning a trip with a large group? In this case, van rental Costa Rica will help you get the most comfort from traveling together. A minivan is a roomy car, designed for 7-8 passengers, including the driver, so it is ideal for a trip with a cheerful crew.

    Why is van rental Costa Rica the best solution for group trips?

    When choosing a car for a group trip, it is worth paying attention to a minivan. Due to its spaciousness, this car is perfect for a tourist trip with a large crew or a family trip. Due to a large number of seats, you do not have to rent two cars. If your group includes up to 8 people, van rental Costa Rica provides a comfortable journey for everyone all together!

    Van will carry all your luggage

    Van rental Costa Rica is also very practical in terms of luggage transportation. A van is a large, roomy car that will allow you to carry all your bags and suitcases. Therefore, the rental of such vehicles is very popular at airports. You do not have to overpay for a taxi (for 7-8 people you need to call at least two cars), van rental Costa Rica will help you save money.

    In addition, if you have a relatively small group but a lot of luggage, a minivan will also come to the rescue. By agreement with the rental office, you can remove the third row of seats in the car. In this case, the area for your luggage is significantly increased. This is especially important if you decide to choose a vacation in nature, with tents. If you have big backpacks and want to quickly and cheaply get to the place of rest, van rental Costa Rica will solve all your problems.

    Van is a convenient car for any trip

    A minivan is a universal car. Despite the fact that these cars are not all-wheel-drive, high engine power provides a good cross in relatively “dump” places. Van rental Costa Rica is also good for people who are planning to see all the sights within one city. Thanks to their versatility, these cars are chosen by people around the world.

    Finding the right option to rent a car in a foreign country can be difficult. Often, tourists know only 2-3 companies that provide such services. However, their offers may be far from advantageous, and their office may not be nearby. If you’re in search of van rental in Costa Rica, our aggregator will help you find the best deals.

    How to find a car for rent with our aggregator

    If you are looking for a car rental in Costa Rica, our aggregator will provide you with a quick and easy search for offers. Our service shows the best offers from companies that offer van rental Costa Rica. With our services, you can find a suitable deal in just a few seconds. Using the aggregator is very simple. You need to specify the following data:

    If you are already in Costa Rica, our aggregator will automatically determine where you are. You will receive offers from car rental providers located near you. Thus, you do not have to look for car rental offices on the streets and check with them the rules for van rental.

    Van rental in Costa Rica with Bocubo is convenient!

    With our service, you can immediately book a car. Therefore, you do not run the risk of facing the problem of the lack of a suitable car for you at the pick-up point. You immediately see all the offers of companies, and you can book a car in one click.

    In addition, with the Bocubo aggregator, you get the opportunity to compare rental prices. Thanks to this, you can choose the best offer for you. There are many factors that affect the price. For example, some operators charge an additional fee for dropping off the car at another point or for returning a car with an empty tank. You can see all these nuances on one page and choose the option that suits you the most. Our aggregator makes van rental in Costa Rica much faster, easier, and more convenient.

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