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BUDGET Istanbul Taksim

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Istanbul Taksim car rental tips

Usually, it is really simple to get a rental car by complying with the following:

  • Decide exactly what you need.

    Car rentals from Budget Car Rental in Istanbul Taksim were reviewed by 500+ customers with a rating of 6.9/10. The cheapest car from Budget Car Rental in Istanbul Taksim is Fiat Linea of Compact car rental class. Its price is just €24.52 per day.

    Most of our customers usually book vehicles of Compact car rental class in Istanbul Taksim and of Economy car rental class in Turkey. The cheapest Compact car from Budget Car Rental in Istanbul Taksim is Fiat Linea for €24.52 per day. The cheapest Economy car from Budget Car Rental in Istanbul Taksim is presented by Ford Fiesta for €25.64 per day.

    Garenta is very popular car rental company with high customers' rating in Istanbul Taksim with an average score of 8.6/10, based on 50+ customer reviews. The most affordable vehicle from Garenta is Fiat Linea of Compact car rental class for only €30.64 per day.

    The most popular car rental class in Istanbul Taksim is Compact with prices by Garenta starting from €30.64 per day for Fiat Linea.

    Regarding the most popular car rental service in Turkey, which’s Economy, the inexpensive car from Garenta in Istanbul Taksim is Renault Clio, the price is €30.92 per day.

    The cheapest Compact car in Istanbul Taksim provided by Enterprise (rated at 6.6/10 by 100+ customers), and the most affordable car seen in the group from the vendor is Fiat Linea priced at €32.38 per day.

    The cheapest Economy car is presented by same vendor: Enterprise. The car is Hyundai i20, priced at €31.36 per day.

    The most affordable car in Istanbul Taksim is Fiat Linea from Budget Car Rental. The price is only €24.52 per day. Budget Car Rental was overviewed by 500+ customers with the average score of 6.9/10.

  • Decide the car renting date and time.

    IIf you are thinking about how to save some money, select the pick-up time alike drop-off time. Every car rental service takes money for a full day of rental, so when you take a vehicle for 25 hours, you have to pay for 48 hours (2 full days) of rental, and 74 hours will cost you as 96 hours (4 full days).

  • The first thing you should pay attention to when Renting a car in Istanbul Taksim is which size of a vehicle you need. This decision depends on how many passengers are going to travel with you and, of course, the total amount of baggage. There are many different types and models of vehicles, so you will easily find an appropriate one. However, you should also know that each car has its conditionally assigned number of allowed suitcases. You don’t have to pay for every piece of baggage, but only one unit of hand luggage for every person is regarded as a handbag and doesn’t count. All other suitcases are considered as baggage and must fit the declared capacity of a vehicle. If you travel with more than 5 passengers, our Istanbul Taksim car rental service advises you to hire 2 vehicles of the standard class instead of 1 multi-seater car. It will more likely reduce the total cost for your car rental Istanbul Taksim contract and appear as a more convenient way of travel.
  • The safety of your child is also an important issue. We pay much attention to this fact. That’s why our cheap car rentals in Istanbul Taksim for suppose affordable prices for equipping a rental auto with a child seat. If you wish to save money, there is one specific option, which you should know about. Some plane tickets allow you to have a child seat in your baggage without a fee. It can save you money but will require additional hands. All the information related to this option can be obtained from your air service provider. One more handy option is to purchase such a seat at the supermarket on arrival. Do not neglect this important fact and you will not just protect your kid from danger but also will avoid quite hefty fines.
  • If you plan to cross the border or to use a ferry during your car rental Istanbul Taksim journey, pay close attention to the paragraph of the rental conditions associated with this option. Some rental companies allow their customers to travel across the board, while others accept only a ferry transit. You should know that not all of the offered vehicles arу available for such purposes. That’s why it is also very important to inform a car hire Istanbul Taksim provider about your intentions before buying tickets for the ferry. The provider, in turn, will give you the information about the cars, which are allowed for this kind of travel.
  • Money-saving tip. Our service advises you to check out the fuel policy of your car rental Istanbul Taksim contract before signing it. There are various offers with various conditions related to this feature. Sometimes you can see a “pick-up full and return empty” option, which is not always beneficial. If you plan minimum driving or rent a car Istanbul Taksim vehicle for just a couple of days, it can turn out that you don’t need a full tank of fuel. In such cases, it can be more efficient to hire a Miami car rental auto with another fuel policy. For example, you can use a “pick-up full and return full” option, which will allow you to pay exactly for the amount of fuel you used. These conditions are set individually by each car hire company and can be found in the description of any offer. There are 4 different types of available options: pick-up and return full, pick-up full and return empty, pick-up and return half-empty, pick-up half-full and return empty.
  • Use the most advantageous car hire Istanbul Taksim pick-up option. We recommend our customers to choose the “Meet and Greet” opportunity, which appears as the most convenient one. Selecting this kind of pick-up releases you from a necessity to stand in line waiting for a shuttle bus or to travel by public transport with your luggage. A representative of our Istanbul Taksim car rental service will meet you at the terminal with a plate carrying your name or the name of a rental company. Your car, meanwhile, will be waiting for you at the parking. One more pleasant nuance is that renting a car in Istanbul Taksim with the “Meet & Greet” option usually costs less than taking a vehicle from a company at the airport as you don’t have to pay an extra airport fee.
  • Do not forget about the Excess Fee. We wish you to experience cheap car rentals in Istanbul Taksim and prepared a couple of tips related to this topic. By default, you’re usually obliged to leave a deposit for your rental contract. In most cases, a rental provider holds a necessary sum of money on your credit card until you return a car. This sum of money won’t be fully or partially refunded in case of an insured event. This deposit is also called the Excess Fee. More detailed information about this feature is clearly described in the FAQ about Excess Fee and Excess Fee Reduction). Read this paragraph carefully to see which options can reduce this fee. It is very important to see the actual amount of the required deposit for your car rental years old in Istanbul Taksim deal. In some cases, you will meet low rental costs but will have to pay a high Excess Fee or vice versa. We advise you to figure out the total cost of your contract, including this deposit before placing a firm order.
  • In order to get the best car rental in Istanbul Taksim experience, you should also select a proper Residence Country in your request. This fact can influence the conditions of the offers you will receive. In some situations, you get higher or lower car rental in Istanbul Taksim costs. In other cases, you can even get a refusal from some providers. Here is one of the common examples. The USA citizens usually get their offers without Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Third Party Liability Protection (TP). However, you can not hire an uninsured auto. So, if a customer will choose one of such offers and rent a car Istanbul Taksim vehicle at mentioned terms not paying attention to the absence of insurance, he finally faces the requirement to pay extra money to purchase one.

BUDGET Istanbul Taksim information about

Info & Contacts
Company Name: Budget Car Rental
Address: Gumussuyu Mah Mete Caddesi, Ayyildiz Ap No:12/A Taksim, Istanbul, 34437
Phone: 0212 244 93 54
See on map: Google Maps
Pickup type: Not specified — The rental company didn't specify the pickup type yet.
Rating: 6.9/10, which is Good

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