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ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧

Oulu 奧盧 ,芬兰中的最佳租车服务。 没有隐藏费用。 免费取消

ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧

Oulu 奧盧的租车服务ADDCAR


ADDCAR is a well-known and popular company that operates in many countries and cities, including Oulu 奧盧. If you've ever thought about renting a car while traveling, you've probably heard of this company.Car rental at ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧 is a great opportunity to rent a car of any type at affordable prices. Plus, ADDCAR is notable for its excellent reliability, it has only modern cars that regularly undergo technical inspection.

Oulu 奧盧 租车服务的小提示


  • 只决定您所需要的。

    来自 Oulu 奧盧addCar 收到来自 50+ 顾客的评价,其评分为 7.9/10. Oulu 奧盧addCar 的最便宜的价格是 Opel Corsa经济型 型车. 其价格为每日 US$48.29.

    我们的顾客在 芬兰 最常租赁的车种是 经济型. addCarOulu 奧盧的最便宜的经济型型车 是 由Opel Corsa提供,其价格为每日 US$48.29.

    Budget Car Rental是在 Oulu 奧盧 拥有最高评分的租车公司。基于500+的顾客评价, 其平均的评分为 8.3/10Budget Car Rental提供的最便宜的车是 Toyota Aygo微型 型车,每日 US$34.18

    芬兰最有名的租车集团——Budget Car RentalOulu 奧盧提供的Skoda Fabia经济型,型车为最便宜的车款,其价格为每日US$34.52

    经济型,型车当中,最有人气的车款是 Volkswagen Polo. 由250+顾客回顾,平均评分为8.7/10SIXT Rent A Car提供,其价格为每日US$56.55 起跳。

    Oulu 奧盧最便宜的车款是Thrifty Car Rental.提供的 Hyundai i10. 每日只需US$34.11Thrifty Car Rental25+顾客回顾,平均评分为8/10

  • 仔细选择领取与归还的时间与日期。


  • 当您选择车的时候,建议按照乘客的人数和放到车上的 行李的量来做决定。一个行李箱一般上代表一个标准的手提箱。若您打算租一辆超过5人座的车,建议两辆标准型车会比租一辆多人座车来的便宜与方便。
  • 若您和 小孩一同出游,别忘了预订个给小孩的儿童安全座。即便儿童座的价格不便宜, ,但与罚款的数额比起来小了许多。另外,一张普通的机票往往够允许您免费带儿童安全座上飞机(欲知更多详情,请联络您的航空公司)。再来,您也能在到达后在超市里先买个儿童安全座。
  • 若您有使用租赁车来乘上邮轮跨国境 的打算,请仔细阅读复数个供应商的使用条款。有可能某个租车公司允许您跨越国境或允许您使用邮轮来运送您的汽车。另外,若您有购买邮轮的乘票的打算,预先通知您的租车公司,以便他们告诉您即将租赁到的汽车的车牌号码。
  • 常常留意汽油的使用条款。并不是每次满箱油领取的,空箱油归还汽车是件赚到的事。不要在小岛的租车服务公司租车时,急着去加满油箱。那是因为有可能您没办法用光自己所花钱购买的汽油。
  • 考虑几种不同的领取方法。最方便的领取方法是Meet & Greet。使用这方法租车时,您无需提着沉重的行李箱去排队,或是搭巴士到提供租车服务的地点。反而,当你步出候机楼的时候,有人会举着一张写着您的名字或租车公司的名字的人前来迎接,而您租的汽车便已停放在停车场。再者,使用Meet & Greet租车服务会比一般在机场柜台提供的租车服务来的便宜。那是因为其不包含机场税在内。
  • 从不忽略保底费用。在多数的情况下,在您租赁汽车的时候,都必须留下一笔押金(查看我们的 有关保底费用的常见问题,但是,一般上来说您可以投保或是购买第三责任险。请留意押金的金额,偶尔租赁的价格虽低,但押金却非常高或相反的模式也有可能发生。建议您确认租赁的总额,而不单是汽车的租赁价格。
  • 您必须常常明确地提示出正确的国籍因为这与租赁的价格的高低有关,或也有可能碰上被拒绝租赁的情况。一般上,US的公民不包含在价格表内CDW and TP。若您不是US的公民而打算租赁车辆,您会被经理人说租车险是必须的,而强制性地要求您购买。

If you’re looking for a representative office of ADDCAR in Oulu 奧盧, it may be a little bit confusing. There are many spots of ADDCAR car rental Oulu 奧盧, and not all of them are situated in the city center. If you choose the wrong office, you will have to go through the whole city to reach your destination. In this case, Bocubo will help. We do our best so that you can find the nearest ADDCAR car rental in Oulu 奧盧 in just 2 clicks.

有关ADDCAR在Oulu 奧盧的详情

Cars for rent at ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧

ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧 offers a huge selection of cars. It is one of the many reasons why many people choose ADDCAR car rental Oulu 奧盧. The company's car fleet includes sedans and hatchbacks, wagons, jeeps, convertibles, and executive cars of various popular brands:

  • Mercedes;
  • Volvo;
  • Buick;
  • BMW;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Kia;
  • Hyundai, etc.

These and many more cars can be rented at ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧. All of them have no significant damage and are constantly being maintained.

公司名: addCar
地址: Lentokentantie 720, Oulu, 90460
电话号码: +358400595524
在地图上查看: 谷歌地图
领取方式: 相遇和问候 — 租车公司的代表会在机场接您,带您前往提车地点。
评价: 7.9/10, 也就是

Another reason to choose ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧 is the reliability of this company. It has been working for many years and has received extremely positive feedback. All processes in ADDCAR rental Oulu 奧盧 are streamlined, so there are no difficult situations. From the very moment of booking a car to receiving the keys, all stages are simple and straightforward. The selected car will always be waiting for you at the ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧 office. Here you will definitely not come across a situation that the car has not yet arrived at the point or you are offered the wrong car. Everything runs like clockwork at ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧.

If a car has any minor scratches, they are recorded in the contract. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you return your car, you will not be billed for scratches that you have nothing to do with. ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧 respects its customers and strives to make their journey as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Oulu 奧盧附近的租车地点ADDCAR

How to choose a car for rent at ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧

Choosing a car at ADDCAR in Oulu 奧盧 is super easy. To make the right choice, understand first why you need to rent a car. For example, if you’re looking for a cheap and comfortable option to get from the airport to the city center or to ride around the city with little luggage, a hatchback or a sedan will be suitable for you. Car rental in Oulu 奧盧 ADDCAR offers the cheapest options in this class. Plus, you will save a lot on fuel.

If your trip includes off-road driving, an SUV is a nice choice. It should be noted that ADDCAR car rental in Oulu 奧盧 offers several vehicles of this class. If you are interested in extreme adventures and intend to ride to the forests, steppes, prairies, an off-road car will be a great option. ADDCAR rental in Oulu 奧盧 has many cars for rent at fair prices. If you need not only good cross-country ability but also a large trunk, choose a wagon.

To travel with many passengers or a large amount of cargo, rent a VAN. Choosing ADDCAR car rental in Oulu 奧盧, you have the opportunity to rent a roomy car that will suit all of your needs.


ADDCAR car rental Oulu 奧盧 with Bocubo aggregator

If you are looking for ADDCAR car rental Oulu 奧盧, we can help you find the cheapest and the most reliable option and the nearest office. Our service was created to help you quickly find the best cars for short-time rent. With Bocubo, you can rent a car in just a couple of clicks. Thanks to Bocubo, ADDCAR car rental Oulu 奧盧 has become even faster and more convenient.

To use the Bocubo aggregator, just indicate your location and for how many days you want to rent a vehicle. In addition, you can choose the “Return to a different location” option.

In a couple of seconds, you will see all offers for car rental in Oulu 奧盧. Our service will show you the nearest rental offices and the cheapest options offered by different companies. You don't have to waste time visiting different car rental offices and talking to managers to learn about all conditions and prices. We have already done everything for you. Renting a car at ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧 with Bocubo is a great option to book and rent a car in a matter of minutes.

Why use Bocubo to rent a car at ADDCAR Oulu 奧盧?

Bocubo brings together the best offers from the most reliable car rental companies. With our aggregator, you will quickly find the nearest ADDCAR office and book a car for pick-up on a scheduled day. You can also compare offers from ADDCAR and other companies to choose the most attractive conditions and lowest prices.

We show you the offices closest to you. Therefore, you no longer have to ride all over the city in search of a rental office. Select the desired point and car, book it, and pay. After that, just come to the office of the rental company on the required date, and in a few minutes, you will receive the keys. No queues and long filling out forms! With Bocubo, you can rent your perfect car in minutes!

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